Become an AquaNuTech Authorized Dealer

AquaNuTech is a brand where cutting edge design meets ‘Sustainable Convenience’ at the kitchen sink. Add these eco-friendly, space-saving, next generational gems to your product line today!

Why Become An AquaNuTech Dealer?

1. Quality

AquaNuTech’s niche’ products are made from the finest materials, are space saving, with state of the art technology added. All designed so that you can successfully satisfy your customer needs and spend less time in servicing.

2. Demand

The environmentally conscious and personal health oriented consumers have seen a substantial rise in numbers during the post-Covid era. AquaNuTech’s luxury faucets, filtration systems, instant hot water dispensers and all-in-one systems, will satisfy everyone’s water filtration needs.

3. Support

We are here for you! Once you become a part of the AquaNuTech family, we will provide you with all the training and support to generate sales for your new niche’ product lines.

Accelerate Your Business With AquaNuTech

There is so much here for your business. The unique range of products and the amazing customer support provided by AquaNuTech is what sets us apart.

As our authorized dealer, you will have a direct line of communication with our HQ to quickly troubleshoot and resolve any issues in a timely manner. Or simply provide your customer with our contact information or provide us with theirs, and you sit back to wait for the final resolution update.

Empowering You With Everything You Need!

With the products, we also put product knowledge and selling point highlights at your fingertips. As an authorized dealer, you will gain access to all the material needed to assist you in properly educating your customers, from beginning to the end of the consumer experience.

  • Marketing tools and resources
  • Business education and training programs’
  • Trained professionals to provide training and support in the field

Become An Authorized Dealer In 3 Simple Steps

Once you submit the form, you will be contacted by a member of our New Account Set-Up Team to gather more information about you and your business.
Once we determine that your business and AquaNuTech are a mutual fit, you will finalise the setup process, then successfully become an authorized dealer for AquaNuTech.
Once account set-up is fully complete, an in person or virtual training will be scheduled to learn more about the product lines you will be offering and our services provided.

We’ve got you covered

Become an AquaNuTech Authorized Dealer today!

AquaNuTech Is Everything & Beyond