Filtration faucet, water filter, digital instant hot water dispenser package


Answers to the most common troubleshooting questions.

Instant Hot Water Dispenser

The AquaNuTech Instant Hot Water Dispenser will take between 8 and 10 minutes (from initial activation) to heat water to the setting specified. If the unit is not heating water, make sure the unit is plugged into a 110V outlet that you have confirmed to be operational. Test the outlet by plugging in another 110V item, such as a light. If the outlet is working and the unit is not heating water, please contact AquaNuTech Client Support at 720.322.0800 for assistance.

The AquaNuTech Instant Hot Water Dispenser contains NSF-approved, food-grade materials for the cold-water inlet and a 304 Stainless Steel tank for the hot water reservoir. Using these materials and the quality control inspections at time of manufacturing eliminates any leaching of chemicals into the unit. The common cause of odor or bad taste is the presence of unfiltered water being heated by the unit. Upon heating the unfiltered water, the odors and taste are accentuated. The best solution to this problem is to install a point-of-use filtration unit such as the AquaNuTech FL1000 in conjunction with the Instant Hot Water Dispenser. Make sure the filtration unit selected is certified to both NSF 42 and 53 standards to assure maximum protection. Once the water is filtered, the bad odor and taste will not be present in heated water.

Problem Possible Cause What To Do
Slow Flow From Spout Water supply valve is not fully open. Lines to dispenser are kinked. Fully open water supply valve. Unkink lines to and from dispenser.
Delayed Water Flow From Spout Dispenser is nonpressurized by design so a slight delay is normal. No Action Required.
No Water Flowing Water Valves have been turned off. Lines to dispenser are kinked. Fully open water supply valve. Unkink lines to and from dispenser.
Water Is Too Hot Water temperature on display panel is set to high. Re-set the digital temperature to the desired temperature.

Instant Hot Water Dispenser Error Codes

E3 Lack of water in dispenser and it is in a Dry-Burn Mode. Plugged-In Dispenser PRIOR to filling with water. 1) Shut-Off/Unplug Dispenser Immediately 2) Shut-Off cold-water supply to dispenser 3) Ensure proper installation per instructions included with dispenser 4) Turn cold-water supply back on and check for leaks per instructions 5) Open hot-handle of the faucet, water will flow from the faucet when dispenser is full 6) If issue corrected, the digits on the dial will go solid with current temperature of water, while also increasing in temperature 7) If not-corrected, shut-off/unplug dispenser. Contact AquaNuTech Client Support 720-322-0800
E4 Spare Code – Contact AquaNuTech Client Support 720-322-0800
E5 Water temperature rise not detected – Faulty thermostat or element.
E6 Water temperature rising too slowly – Faulty element or 240V dispenser fitted in 110V region.
E7 Water temperature 28-35 °F – Ambient temp. low or faulty thermostat.
E8 Water temperature more than 212 °F – Thermostat error.
E9 Low temperature detected by thermostat – Faulty thermostat or element.

Filtration, Faucet, & Leak Detector

Although this is an “uncommon” occurrence with the AquaNuTech Instant Hot Water Dispenser unit, certain altitude conditions may make the faucet drip/spit when the Instant Hot Water Dispenser is reheating water to replenish the unit’s water supply. Once the water level in the dispenser is filled and heated, the dripping/spitting will cease.

The filter most likely needs replacing. Replace with FLC1000 Replacement Cartridge.

Battery most likely needs replacement.